The ups and downs of revising

I’m in the midst of deep revisions and it’s been a tidal wave.

There’s been great ups and revelations, and even greater struggles. One of the weirdest things I struggle with is giving a character TOO MANY flaws.

Yes, two many. I make Pollyanna’s evil doppelganger.   I love deeply DEEPLY flawed characters, characters I wasn’t meant to like or even love. And I usually hate the character I’m supposed to root for. While that’s great for my warped mind, it’s not great for a mass audience.

But I choose to celebrate revisions! Even the toughest ones which make me ponder another rewrite because that’s how I roll. And what’s the absolute best way to celebrate it? With a massive awesome gif party- Rocky Balboa edition!


How I felt after finishing my draft


How my draft felt about me


Approaching revisions



What I tell myself when I get feedback from my critique groups/beta readers


Critiquing myself


After a super productive brainstorming session with one of my bff writers


Diving into revisions like a boss


What I hope to say to my manuscript when it’s done


What I’ll continue to do for now


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