That time when Richard III was a headless ghost on Blackadder

Today I am 32 years and 324 days old. The exact same age Richard the third was when he met his once mysterious demise.

King Richard III

It was quite lonely underneath the cars..

What better day to history nerd out!

I love European and ancient history. I get sucked into the history channel 2’s history docs. I’ve got so many books, dvd’s, and even coasters it’s kinda crazy.

One of my favorite British comedies was the Blackadder series. And episode one? The alternate history of the death of Richard the third!!

And to top it all off, this month the world is a buzz because the bones of the Richard the third have finally been found.. in a parking lot. Sadly not the cunning plan of one Baldrick.

Richard the third has a dark and twisted legacy  in part due to how Shakespeare portrayed him in the play of the same name. He’s always fascinated me because of the story of how he supposedly locked away twins who threatened his claim to the throne.

He was also described with several nasty ailments and deformities. It seemed whenever someone wanted to really vilify a person back in the day, the way to go about it was to say they were deformed. But it was very specific deformities, not just random insults.

I would really love to see a “yo mama” battle with British Royalty insults and character assassinations.

Of course my all time favorite British Royalty would have to be King Henry the 8th. I’m a total Tudor junkie. It’s such fantastic irony that Elizabeth  became one of the greatest monarchs in English History.   Herself the daughter of a king who beheaded more than 1 wife and divorced another just to have 1 son to rule after him. Elizabeth’s mother, Anne, was quite hated during her short time as queen.

If I wrote this story, brought it into my critique group, they’d tell me it was too far fetched. I would say the same thing too.

Anyone else miss the showtime show, The Tudors? I thought Jonathan Rhys-Meyers did a fantastic job as Henry the eighth. My favorite season was the second with Anne Boylen. The chemistry between them was mind blowing.

I will leave you with a picture of one of my favorite wives of Henry the 8th, on a coaster.

Any recommendations for any other British Royalty shows, music, and accessories? Or maybe you have a favorite royal? Please, share in the comments.