What am I listening to this week?

I am always on the hunt for new music. Especially music with great lyrics that inspire me and have an awesome sound.

I need a song that knocks me in the gut and leaves me reeling for days.  I’ve recently found two of these types of songs.

First up: Habits by Tove Lo

This is fucking amazing video, first off. The vocals are the best I’ve heard in YEARS. She’s such an amazing singer. I can’t wait until she’s got a full length album.  I really feel like there’s a Swedish music invasion on the horizon.

And the hook is so freaking infectious! I also love how it’s a different and fresh take on a broken heart. I love it.

Not to mention it perfectly sums up my main character in my novel. Could be her theme song.

Her Facebook

Second song: Daniel Croll – Nowhere and the Remix

He’s an English lad who won songwriter of the year from the Musicians Benevolent Fund and was one of 8 students from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts to have a one on one with Paul McCartney.  Damn. And he’s only 22.

I love his sound. It feels like swimming in summer. The guitar slides are mesmerizing. His voice is sterile sounding in a good way. It also seems to float above the sound like a traveling cloud. Also his other tracks are great too. I love compliment your soul, wanna know, and ghost. I can’t stop listening to him.

Check him out.

Got any tracks that you’re stuck on this week? Leave me suggestions in the comments.



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