My book soundtrack

I thought I’d do a mini post about the songs my protagonist hears at certain points of my novel.

Some of these songs aren’t mentioned in the story and others are. Which ones are? You’ll have to read it to find out! Whenever I hear these songs I picture her bobbing her head up and down, with her snakes whirling around her head. Music plays a huge part in my writing process. It helps me define a character, their status in life, their surroundings, and their feelings and emotions.

Ready? I’m going to jump around the plot, like an improvised Jazz note.

My MC hears this is a gorgon-only club.

This describes her relationship with her most ex-bf perfectly. It was so primal and destructive and she licked up every drop.

Her BFF and boss always looks and feels cute! And he’s proud of who he is.

Her relationship with her mother.

This is a little different. It’s the song her true love hears when she nears him. But he has all the time in the world for her to come to him..

Her nights partying with Dionysus. Highs and lows and twists and turns. And that darned naked roller-blading Minotaur..

 grieving for her mother

Her nights running around NYC.

Her missing her new love as she watches the waves crash upon her feet.

l’Estate (Laurent Korcia) – fight scene.  Most amazing violin! (couldn’t find a video)

Flashback of when she realized her relationship with her ex was over. Usher’s best vocals in YEARS.

MC battling the nightmare of the gods.

As I mentioned in a earlier post, my MC has a secret love of Katy Perry. So it makes perfect sense in the final scene of the novel, this song is on her mind..

I’ve got even more songs but this is the backbone! And unlike Katy, I’m not wide awake.  What’s on your book soundtrack?


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