A Writer Chillin’

I’ve been on vacation, folks. I’ve watched more TV than I care to admit. I’ve read, cleaned, and caught up on my DVR (well almost). Camp Nanowriomo nearly broke me. It was not the month for me to participate. I haven’t written a new word in almost a week. It’s time to get back into the game. My friend, Kelsey came up with this list of fun writer questions.

1. What is the first thing you remember writing?
A poem called “the gift” in elementary school. And no, you can’t see it!

2. What is your favorite genre to read?
This is tough. I’m all over the place, it depends on my mood. If I had to pick, give me a dystopic world and I’m a happy girl.

3. What is your favorite/least favorite word?
Fuck is my favorite word. It’s so versatile! Least fav? Conservative. I love excess.

4. What types of scenes are the easiest for you to write?
I love to write scenes were characters are arguing. I love the push and pull. You can tell a lot about a relationship in the way people argue.

5. Tell us something random/surprising/not-on-the-page about a character you’ve written.
Although she’d never admit it, my main character really loves Katy Perry.

6. How do you pronounce “query”?
queer-rey. (not meant to be offensive)

7. What setting is the most inspiring/productivity inducing for you?
With some cool tunes on spotify, and just me and my computer. Right now, I’m addicted to Hot Chip. Check out their song “I feel better.” Oh and Crystal Castles, love them.

8. What job in publishing is the most interesting to you, other than being a writer?
I’d like to be involved with promotion.

9. Which author inspires your work the most?
whew. Another tough one. The way I describe things, jack kerouac and jm morrison. Helen fielding and Bret Easton Ellis as well. and throw in some Charlene Harris.

10. Do you have lines/passages from any book memorized? What are they?
yes one of my newest lines. “Homegirl needed lotion in the worst way.” HA.

11. Anything else you’d like to add!
I’m @thefebemoss and I hope there’s never a cure for chocolate addiction.


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