There will always be a cat on a yoga mat

Meet our cat, Noodles. He’s a cat of discerning taste.
This weekend I started doing yoga again.  It had been a while and I wanted to vary my workout. The last time I did yoga, we had no cat. No distractions, meowing, or pushing aside my furry soft little guy.
This time was very different. 
As soon as the mat was rolled out, he ran over to it and laid upon it. He laid upon it as a king would lay upon his kingly bed. Then he proceeded to roll over and expose his belly. He decided since this mat was so comfortable, he thought a good belly rub should go along with it. Not today sir, not today.
I gently pushed him aside and proceeded with my workout. Somewhere between the sun salutation and the downward facing dog, Noodles decided to not heed my offensive brush aside. Did I not understand how honored I should feel that he requested a belly rub from me? It was as if God himself had asked for a scratch on the back. Noodles plopped himself right in front of me.
I brushed him aside again. Noodles meowed.
This back and forth exchange happened several more times. At one point, my husband came in and had to distract Noodles from the mat. Noodles like to play fetch with q-tips.
I finished up my yoga session and took a deep final breath. Even with a sassy boy cat, I was able to get through the poses. This all got me thinking, there will always be a cat on a yoga mat.
Unless I lived in a remote cabin in the woods, there will always be distractions that keep me from my goal of writing. There’s the internet, TV, movies, friends, work, bills, housework, sickness, money, and the list goes on and on.  But family and friends are there to help. Whether it be to distract the adorable distraction with q-tips, or a friend offering to write with you in a coffee shop, the help’s there.
It’s okay to accept help. It doesn’t make you any less of a writer or a human being. 
In the end, I scratched Noodles behind his ears and on top of his head. He licked my fingers and scuttled off to the window. We had a truce..for now. But the yoga mat, will come out again. But this time, I will come prepared, with q-tips and catnip.
Yes, I play dirty. 
How do you deal with distractions? Do you ask for help or suffer in silence? 
Here’s the adorable distraction in action.


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  1. There will always be a cat on the yoga mat! I like this post. Even if you did live in an isolated cabin in the woods, there would still be distractions: birds flying into your window, a beaver chewing at the corner of your house, your favorite pine tree dying… There are always distractions. But you're right; asking for help is necessary sometimes. I admit, though, that I usually give in to the furry distractions. šŸ˜‰

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