All things are possible with Nanowrimo

This picture sums up how it feels to complete Nanowrimo.  It was my first time ever to try it and I won.  I got off to a great start due to my writing retreat (you can read about it at my friend Annie’s blog) but then I got home.  Life is a bitch.

I do data entry for a living and this is my heavy season. Sitting in front of a computer and keyboard all day does not make you want to come home and mash out over a thousand words at night.  I ended up writing thousands of words on the weekend.  And for a while, it didn’t look good.

Then thanksgiving hit, and while I made a goal to do work then, the turkey conquered me and I ended up watching Seinfeld reruns, E! specials, and lots of harry potter. I also love Black Friday,

For a day or two, I thought about giving up, chucking it all in and saying maybe I’ll try again next year.  But I stopped myself.  I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them.  I give up on diets, stories, poems, exercise, budgeting, and worst of all myself.  I am a horrible pessimist at heart.  Don’t be fooled by my wonderful smile.

I trudged on.  I pushed myself to keep tying until my wrists ached with pain.  I ended up soaking them in Epson salt.  I even found an amazing keyboard that eliminated my wrist pain.  The Logictech Wave keyboard! I got mine at Best buy and wow what a difference.  I typed about 10,000 words in one day and not a single ache of wrist pain.

Also, my wonderful husband is an amazing cheerleader.  He kept me going by making me dinner, cleaning the house, and giving massages when needed.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

I was even able to finish a whole day early.  My final word count was 50,169 words in 29 days.  I’ll admit, the ending was tacked on and it’s a very rough first draft.  There will be much editing to do next year.  But it was an amazing experience. Typing the last few words was heart pounding, joyful experience. I’ve never had such an roller coaster of a November in my life. As I passed the 50,000 mark, the world cracked open and poured out an abundance of hope and light and for once, I allowed myself soak it all in.

I was able to see what was possible inside me for the first time in years.  Somewhere between 18 and 31, I stopped believing things were possible.  Now at 3 months until I’m 32, the world has opened up again.  My bear like pessimism is hibernating.  For how long, I’m not sure.  But I’m sure as hell that I’m not going to poke it like I’m prone to do.  I’ll let it sleep for as long as it can.

I have a thousand possibilities to explore.


  1. This makes me so happy. I'm so proud of you! And maybe a little jealous that I didn't do NaNo this year and have the abundance of hope and light shine on me. 😉 Also, this is a very well-written blog post. We should go celebrate sometime soon! Congrats, Feebs.

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