One destiny, 10 seasons of Smallville

I’m going to totally nerd out on this post.  I’ve had a relationship with something longer than I’ve had with my husband.  Its name is smallville.  It premiered shortly after 9/11/01 and I was fresh 21 year old.  I instantly fell in love with it.  I’ll be the first to admit, these past couple of seasons, me and show had grown apart.  The spark had died between us.  But I stuck with it, thanks to my trusty DVR.  The finale was this past Friday, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it til this morning.  It was an amazing finale.  Dare may i say it, but it was my favorite series finale EVER. Yeah I said it, EVER.  It was everything I loved and hated about the show.  Michael Rosenbaum did the right thing in the end and returned as Lex Luthor.  My no. 2 fav comic book villian.  Two – face is my favorite.  It was the perfect end to Clark Kent’s journey.

I’ll admit it.  This video makes me a bit vaklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves.  
During the second hour of smallville, I really got to thinking about my heroine’s journey in my novel.  In the first half of the book, she has accepted the destiny she thought was laid out for her.  She is happy with how her life is laid out.  But she comes to find out a huge secret and her true destiny.  It’s a journey she must take and she will face many trials in the second book.  She eventually has to shed many things about her past before she can accept her future.  One thing Clark said in the finale is that he doesn’t fit in either world (people of earth or krypton) which my main character secretly feels as well.  But in the end Clark knows his destiny is to protect mankind from the evils of the world.
I was actually jumping up and down and clapping.  Music was perfect!
But as great as the payoff was, this was a heck of a journey for the fans.  It took ten years for us to get here.  There has been a lot of complaining over the years.  Look, I know smallville wasn’t perfect.  The dialogue can be cheesy, emo clark wasn’t always fun, Lana was a PAIN from the start, and at times the show lacked direction.  Not to mention the whole horrible Zod shit the last two seasons.  What a waste of time that was.  But no journey is ever perfect, sometimes you get off track and fall into some plot holes.  And a TV show is a whole different animal from a book, even a comic book.  But if it can pay off, you will look back and treasure the journey you have traveled, the hours you’ve invested in watching, discussing, reading CLEX fanfiction (fans like me who want clark and lex to have a sexual/love relationship).  
This is what I hope for my book.  It’s essentially a story about transformation.  About trying to find her identity  and forging her path.  Will she choose the path laid before her, or will she try to forge a new one?  Where does finding love mix with all the obligations and politics?  Does she get a chance at a life too?
It’s some of the big questions I’m trying to weave into my story.
Now let’s nerd out some more.  I’d love to hear from some Smallville, Clex fans!  Thoughts on the finale?  Hated or loved it?
Seriously, the best villain on TV in a decade!  Michael Rosenbaum played Lex like no other before him or since!  People always tend to portray Lex as crazy (hackman and spacey!) but not Rosenbaum.  There was an outsider gentle madness there.  I doubt anyone will ever be able to play Lex as well as Rosenbaum ever again.  Lex’s journey mirrored Clark’s in a lot of ways as well.  But instead of reaching for the light, Lex was running from the dark.  Try as he might, he eventually gave into his destiny as well.  It was so interesting watching Clark and Lex try and forge a friendship that was doomed from the start.  That’s what was so interesting to watch.  They were star crossed lovers.  You know their fate from the moment they meet, but again, you want to know how and why they become enemies.  I believe the biggest message from smallville is that you can’t escape your destiny, no matter how hard you try.  We are all slaves to Fate. Oh Smallville How I love thee.  What ever will I do with my Friday nights now?  I will miss you, forever.




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