I only have "One life to live!"

I was a child of the 80’s.  My mom was a stay at home mom until I was in my teens.  She always had her hands full with my Dennis the menace self and my baby brother.  But there was two hours in the day she had to her self. For two hours Monday through Friday, she demanded nap time and peace and quiet.  if we didn’t want to nap fine, but we HAD to stay in our room every day from 1pm -3pm.  What could be so important? What was the significance?  What made the world stop for two hours everyday?  She had to watch the soap operas called One life to live and General Hospital.

*psst.  I became a fan at 2:22!  Still my favorite opening.

As you may or may not know, One life to live has been cancelled, after more than fifty years on the air.  No official end date has been given but it will end sometime in January 2012.

Much like the show itself, I have a long and tumultuousness history with this show.  In the beginning, I hated this show much like Nora and Lindsey hate/hated each other.

The damn show took my mother attention away from me.  It took the TV away from me and me away from my cartoons.  It forced me to be sequestered like a prisoner.  I grew to hate those two hours.  The older I got the more I hated the show.  It was stupid, boring, and never ending!  It just kept going on and on and people kept falling in and out of love.  It was a bore.  Who in their right mind stays in a town of crazy people?  Don’t these people ever date someone from OUT OF TOWN?  Don’t these people ever go on vacation??
Then I was in my teens.  And THE TODD came into my life.
He was a generally horrible human being.  His character raped another but the actor was so intense to watch. I wanted to hate him but there was just something about him.  He had a lot of ups and downs but there was some good in him here and there.  I understand Blair’s attraction to him.  I too, felt like a black sheep.  I had  a dark side and would have loved to shared that dark side with Todd.  The bad boy is irresistible and Todd was the ultimate bad boy.  I was sad when the original actor left.  The guy they replaced him with is boring and small. Like a chipmunk with a bad attitude.  
I was hooked for the next several years.  The soap was top notch going into the 2000’s.  Stories were amazing, actors great, and it helped that it was no longer about rich white people.  Hispanics entered the stories.  It was pretty awesome.  But then college got the best of me.  Towards 2005, I no longer had time for my beloved soaps.  I really haven’t watched since then.  But I remember loads of the characters with fondness.
One of the WEIRDEST story lines was of Joe and Dorian. Joey was the son of Dorian’s mortal enemy, Vicki. She was loads older than joey, it was pretty uncomfortable.  But guess who had these intense love scenes?  The one and only firefly man himself, NATHAN FILLION!
So what did this romance teach me?  That growing up means you bang old ladies.  I remember being on the couch and feeling the need to take a shower just to wipe off the grossness of these two doing it.  Didn’t make any sense.  
I am really sad that my future daughter won’t know this show.  I always figured it’d be on after I died.  It was always supposed to be there like the sun in the sky.  It has been a staple in my life in one way or another my entire life.  It will be very strange it will be gone next year.
One of the most important things it taught me is no one is ever safe.  No character can ever have happiness for long.  No marriage, friendship will last forever.  Someone eventually cheats, stabs you, gets cancer, or kidnaps your baby.  I’ve always tried to keep this in mind when writing my stories.  
Thank you, One life to live.  Thank you for being there for me in high school and college.  I will miss you.  And thank you for keeping me company during sickness and in health.  Most of all, thank you for teaching me that we only have one life to live, so Live it well!
Farewell my friend.

Leave your condolences in the comments below.



  1. OMG I love you so ridiculously much for this post! I will watch ever episode (online) until it ends in Jan 2012. Especially since they are bringing back the ORIGINAL TODD! That said, I'm still ticked as all hell they are replacing this with some cooking show called The Chew… seriously The Chew? GAHRIP One Life to LiveYou will always be my favorite guilty pleasure.

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