Our Royal Wedding

I watched Catherine and William kiss twice before I left for work.  I watched clips during my lunch break, and watched more TV clips when I got home.  Yes, you can say I am obsessed.

But it’s more than just the fairytale thing.  I grew up with William.  His parents married when I was a year old. My mother to this day, still talks about that wedding.  I was only two when William was born.  My husband and best friends are two years younger than me.  My husband doesn’t read this blog, don’t tell him I said he’s two years younger than me haha.  We’re actually 18 months apart, to be technical.

I started crushing on William in the early 90’s.  I remember day dreaming about him.  My mother was obsessing about Diana.

I remember when Diana died.  I was 17 and working at a local fast food place.  I came home round midnight and my mother was in tears, big messy tears.  She told me the news.  I was in shock.  I’d never thought that would happen.  I watched her funeral, and felt so bad for William and Harry.  I couldn’t imagine losing my mother at that age.

Then when I was 22, I met my future husband.  We met in college.  Within a year, my mother was pushing for marriage.  Granted, it wasn’t an entire country but it was pressure.  In fact, eventually even our friends started talking marriage.  It just got to be too much, and me and my then boyfriend, broke up briefly.  But we couldn’t stay away for long.  We got back together, and the day before we moved in together, my husband asked me to marry him.  I made sure to wait a while before telling my parents.  I wanted to think we were living in sin. It still makes me smile thinking about it.

We waited five years before we got married in 2007.  However, Catherine and William waited much longer!  I think it was for the best.  I was as happy as Catherine on her wedding day.  Marrying your one true love is an amazing feeling.  It’s even more amazing when your true love is your best friend.  The new royal couple seem to have a natural chemistry and that is so important for a successful marriage.

To be a total girl, wasn’t her dress gorgeous?  I love that it was so simple.  I loved the sleeves and the veil was so elegant.  I loved that she did her own makeup!  She really seems like a class act and I think she is much more prepared for the royal life than Diana was.  I think Diana was doomed from the start.

Me and my husband have been together almost 9 years now.  I feel more in love with him more than ever.  While our relationship is not perfect, it’s pretty darn amazing.  Although I will admit, my wedding planning wasn’t easy.  My mom turned into a bit of a momzilla.  I kept repeating to myself what Carrie said to Charlotte on her second wedding, “The worse the wedding, the better the marriage!”

I’m feeling all lovey dovey this weekend!  I love a good love story.  What are your favorite love stories? They can be fictional or your own!


  1. I honestly didn't get most of the hoopla over this wedding. But then again, I'm not happily married, am "lovenostic", and overall found the experience inapplicable to my current life situation.That said, it still managed to impact me in a meaningful way. My mother loved Diana. LOVED HER. She used to go on long tangents about how she was " sooo like" Diana – a young woman entering marriage unprepared. My mother, at the time surprise surprise, was also young, recently married, and completely unprepared. The alignment of the public event with her personal event created an affinity so strong that to this day my mother still draws parallels between her and the deceased princess. To me, however, it just reinforced how unhappy my mother was with my father and created yet another issue to work on with the therapist. Despite my genuine lack of enthusiasm and ever so minor resentment, I still appreciate the subtext of Will and Kate. The underlying message being for me not one of young mutual love and romance but choice – Kate chose William.Kate is in all respect Will's equal. She is intelligent, focused, and above all realistic about the weight of the diamond tiara. Here is a woman who wants the marriage, wants the prestige, and wants the figurehead responsibility. Whatever trials the future will bring, Kate can take solace that the choice to be a princess was hers – her choice, her love, and his were and are, hers. Being lovenostic, I find romantic love to be indecisive, erratic, and unreliable as all hell. It pops up at your house unwanted and unexpectedly at 3am, pees in your kitchen sink, and doesn't even have the decency to clean up after itself when it leaves. I have strong doubts about the decency of romantic love. But I do put stock in choice. And when love is a mutual choice between two adults- I can doubt it, but can't fully bring myself to deny it's existence. I will probably never swoon for romantic love. I can't wrap my jewy head around relating to public figures like Diana with no relation to myself. I will never fully understand my mother. However, when I think about Kate and Will's marriage as a mutually agreed upon choice, I can't help but feel a tiny bit of hope. Love as Mutual choice, now that's a message a lovenostic can appreciate and find ever so slightly applicable.- Meryl

  2. I did cry when Dians was murdered by the firm, she even said in an interview, i" If I ever was to die it will be in a car crash" We all knew who's fault that was Prince Phillip who did not want the boys to be raised Muslim. My daughter Febe is a terrific writer in my mind.

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