I’m Swimming!

I’ve been blogging for a little over a decade now.  Most of it done on privately and only a few had access to it.  Actually because of my blogging, I met a cool dude who would later introduce me to my husband and two best girlfriends.

But blogging openly is a very different sea.  Before I stayed in the shallow waters of my own pool.  Now I’m trying to make my way in th big wild sea.  and it’s a little rocky.

I wish my thoughts flowed more smoothly like other bloggers.  However, my mind is a choppy and chaotic sea.  I tend to write what I’m thinking (much how I talk) but I try to make it as cohesive as possible.  I tend to ramble.  I think this is due to my love of Kerouac.  It’s my spontaneous prose.    

After turning 30, there are things about myself that I know I will never change.  I’m not an eloquent speaker, I talk too fast and too much.  One thing I did want to change is my lack of blogging.  I wanted this blog to really reflect me and my life.  I wanted it to reflect my struggles and joys as a writer and also be a reflection of my interests.  I think I’m accomplishing this so far.  I’m even trying to update more than once a week. oh la la.

I’m funny on the fly.  I don’t think about making jokes, they just happen and it’s hard to blog jokes!  I say lots of funny, weird, interesting things on twitter but I can’t seem make that happen yet on this blog yet!  ONE DAY!  I will conquer humor on this blog like the Mongolians conquered much of Asia.  I think this is what I will be working on next, injecting more of my oddball/sarcastically optimistic/ dark humor.  I am reallly sarcastic.  did you taste the sarcasm in that statement? I really wish the internet would find a way to detect sarcasm.  Like there could be a pop up window or sound when sarcasm is on the screen.

My main character is sarcastic as well.  Sometimes I wonder how much of myself is in my main character of my novel.  See there, I go rambling again.

I am looking for cool, funny, weird, blogs to read?  What are YOUR favorites?  Leave them in the comments!

Oh Wait!  I forgot to finish my swimming metaphor!  Yes, I am finally starting to swim in this big blog world.  There, Now I can go eat spaghetti.


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