My Artificial Life

I’m a picky eater.  No, I’m a really picky eater.  I only put mustard on my burgers, I don’t like Asian food, seafood, Indian food or Greek food.

I really dislike vegetables unless they are drenched in something tasty.  If I don’t like the smell of the food, I won’t eat it.I’ve been told I eat really bland things, and I’m inclined to agree.  I love boxed and frozen dinners.  I’m 31 and still eat Mac n’cheese on a regular basis.  I love fast food, and the idea of cooking meals is daunting.  I see recipes, and I don’t care to bake them because most of the time I don’t want to include half the ingredients.  
This love of the artificial came into play once again.  I’ve always preferred Taco Bell to Taco Bueno.  Then there was huge hub-bub about Taco Bell not using 100% real beef.  I really didn’t care if they did or not because it tasted good.  Then recently I got some grub from the bell.  And it was disgusting.  Did they change the beef after all this time?  I’m rather inclined to think so.  I’ve now decided to give up the Bell until further notice.
But it really got me thinking, I really need to write something about artificial life.  I type this as I’m listening to Daft Punk’s song, “Human After All.” I feel such a pull to write something about robots, or space and the loss of humanity, something.  But I need to finish my first novel first haha.
I love electronic music, I love what the Japanese are achieving with robotic intelligence.  It astounds me.  Maybe I should start off with some poems and then progress from there.  
Or my big dream would be to combine a horror element with artificial element.  What does it mean to be alive?  Do it mean a beating heart or an active server?  
Or maybe both and death would occur from the digestion of organic beef?  Would it be dark comedy or just a dramatic story?
Reading Phillip K. Dick really reactivates your mind.


  1. Can't say I share your taste in food– but I love the question. What makes life? I don't know. Sometimes I get hung up thinking about how much of (human) existence is entirely unnatural– food, entertainment, shelter, etc.

  2. Interesting comment. I wonder how much of my humanity I've lost to electronics? I haven't been camping in years. However, I felt most alive when I'm sitting by the ocean or staring up at the night sky.

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