Twitter Hoarding, THE HORROR!

My twitter is becoming like an episode of hoarding.  I love to follow people, especially writing related people and lit mags, etc.  I am a writing fiend.  But I also love to follow non writing related friends, and cool celebrities, and dorky things like star wars and superheros.  I have also follow a rather funny Jesus Christ.  So I created lists to help sort the mountain.  and then it became to difficult to read the lists from the twitter site.  So then I downloaded tweetdeck to help read the lists.  But tweetdeck was too dark so I changed the colors and made tweetdeck smaller so it didn’t take up my whole screen.

But tweetdeck doesn’t refresh well on it’s own.  It needs to be refreshed by me, and I do it because I don’t want to read twitter on the website. but I like to read twitter on my lunch break, but to do so, I must read twitter from the twitter website, without tweetdeck.  Then I get home, and I get mad because tweetdeck needs to be refreshed.  Good tweetdeck, good tweetdeck.

I need someone to come in and tell me that maybe I don’t need to follow everyone.  Tell me to throw away the moldy peaches and bread.  I don’t really need stacks of gift bags, old magazines, and faded wrapping paper.

I am a mild hoarder outside twitter too. But luckily my husband is an anti-hoarder and keeps me in line.

Maybe this weekend, I’ll get rid of tweetdeck, and get myself down to only four or five lists.  But I want to read and reply to EVERYONE!  IF ONLY I HAD MORE TIME! MORE TIME!

Do you ever find yourself hoarding followers on twitter like old lady’s hoard cats or old newspapers?


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