The Day Shift

This past October, I was given a new position at my work.  I was excited because I love change and the position was a new challenge.  The one thing I didn’t anticipate was how much it would make me haaaate typing.  Not just hate like, “Oh I hate when i step in gum.” but HAAATTEE like, “I WILL SEEK VENGEANCE UPON YOUR VERY SOUL UNTIL YOU SINK INTO THE DEPTHS OF HADES!”   I get home and I just want to be as far away from a computer as possible, even on weekends.

In my old position, the words came pouring out of me.  I typed during lunch, breaks, soon as I got home until I went to bed.  I was tied to my computer.  It was great.  I finished my first draft in less than a year.

So it’s been really challenging trying to get myself to be near my computer in my off time.  Recently I read a great article about working full time and writing.  5 reasons having a day job helps your writing.  It really made me feel better about being a poor slum juggling a full time non writing job and working on a novel.  In fact, one of my co workers actually inspired one of the characters in my book.  So most of this list is true. But what if you have a job that sucks the energy out of you?

I’ve gotten into the habit of relaxing and then writing.  I have to in order to keep my sanity.  Sundays are usually the best days for me to write.  House cleaning is done, grocery shopping is done, and the husband is otherwise entertained.  I have time to sneak away to the computer room and types pages here and there.  But I need more time.  I seem to work best under deadlines.  Maybe I just need to set a deadline for myself.  I think this might work.  Put it on a calendar, a weekly deadline.  Need to have x amount of pages written by Sunday night.

How do other non writing employed people do it?  How do you find the time?  Love to hear from you!



  1. If it's more an issue of typing as opposed to just thinking, maybe you should look into one of those voice-recognition programs that automatically types what you say and saves it into a word document. Then you could write without being at the computer (maybe).

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